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Contact Lenses


Our Doctors of Optometry have experience in prescribing contact lenses and professional fitting. When selecting contact lenses for you, they have access to many lenses from an extensive number of large and small manufacturers. Being a private practice, we have access to many products that other chain or “Big Box” optical stores do not.

Areas in which our doctors excel include

Fitting patients with contact lenses for the first time. Through trial fittings, scheduled follow-up checks, eye health reviews and consultation with the patient, they will ensure that the new wearer sees beautifully, feels comfortable and avoids any potential problems over the years. Teenagers and adults benefit greatly from the eye health follow-ups where the importance of hygiene and handling are regularly addressed.

Refitting people who have “dropped-out” of contact lens wear due to discomfort, dryness or poor vision. With the support and expertise of our dedicated doctors, most people could wear contact lenses either part-time or full-time. Many people have never had access to the specialized and custom contact-lenses designs that they need to be successful in contact lenses.

Fitting people into multifocal contact lenses. Many of our long-term contact-lens wearers don’t want to start putting reading glasses over their contact lenses to see up close. Other 40-somethings, who begin have problems with their distance and close vision for the first time in their lives, prefer to avoid wearing progressive spectacle lenses by moving directly into multifocal contacts.

Making an educated decision

Beware of buying contact lenses online. Please be advised: Just because you have a prescription (new or old) does not mean you will get the appropriate product for your unique ocular characteristics, unless you get it from your eye care professional who has your medical and prescription history.

Contact lenses are medical devices that sit directly on your corneas and can cause problems if improperly fit or not correctly monitored.

When you purchase contact lenses through our office, you can be sure you are getting the best service in addition to your retail supply of lenses.

We care about the health of your eyes! Contact lens checks every 6 months to 1 year are recommended to continue optimal contact lens wear. Should you happen to experience any difficulties, we are available to help you in person, something not possible with online retailers.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

Contact Lens Brands

  • Cooper Vision
  • Baush & Lomb
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Centennial
  • s

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