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Dr Joslin, Dr Morin & Associates is proud to supply exceptional eyewear to our community. We provide high-quality and trendy eyewear for every member of the family.

At our clinic, you can choose from a variety of frames that match both your personal preference and lifestyle. Whether you want to look trendy or casual, we have many frames to choose from. We have everything you need in one stop! You can choose eyewear that meets your needs after completing your eye examination with our optometrists.

Our prescription frames have a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects. If your frame breaks with normal use, you are encouraged to bring it in, and we will repair or replace them if necessary. Be assured all eyewear that is purchased in our practice will be adjusted, including nose-pad or screw replacements free of charge. *

* 2-year manufacturer defect warranties are included with most frame collections in our office, however not all companies provide the same coverage. Due to this, some exceptions may apply, and select frames may have a 1-year manufacturer defect warranty.

Refunds & Returns

We provide our patients with quality products recognized world-wide at competitive prices.

Your eyewear is customized and designed for your specific and unique personal needs. Due to this, we cannot offer refunds on products once orders have been started or payments have been received. In addition, all retail or over-the-counter products and purchases (such as but not limited to drops, cleansers, eye masks, readers, supplements & clips) are final sale.

While we are 100% confident in our prescriptions, any concerns you may have will be reviewed by our Optometric Assistants & our Doctors of Optometry in a timely fashion to ensure satisfaction.

On occasion, there may be other solutions available depending on each individual case or circumstance which include:

  • Exchange/Change in product type (differences in product price to be paid by purchaser)
  • Doctor Prescription Re-Do (within a certain timeframe)

We are always here to assist you and our goal is to surpass your expectations. We want you to enjoy your eyewear experience with us and of course, love your glasses!

Maintaining Your Eyewear

  1. Always remove your glasses with two hands. This ensures the frame stays in adjustment and maintains proper lens and frame alignment.

  2. When you are not wearing your glasses, keep them in their protective case. Do not leave glasses face-down on the lenses

  3. Anti-Reflective coatings may be damaged by exposure to high heat and other household products. Refrain from using hairspray and perfume mist around your eyewear.

  4. Always use the provided lens cleaning cloth and solution to clean your lenses. If this is not available, use a soft cloth and warm water.

  5. Do not leave your glasses on the dashboard or in the glove compartment of your car, even in a case. Extreme heat or cold can damage frames and lenses.

  6. Do NOT try to do your own repairs! If you try to repair your own glasses and are within your manufacturer’s warranty period, the warranty may be void as we have to return the product as is. Come in to our office to have your frames adjusted. Complementary (no cost) adjustments, nose-pad and screw replacements are a benefit to those who purchase eyewear through our practice.


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